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The biggest change in education in the last five years is the focus on “learners”. This being so, the needs of the learners are placed at the center of the discussion. Thus, the vision of the institution is to make education inclusive, which will be able to cater to diverse needs and give appropriate weight to activities, skills, and knowledge.


The College has embarked on a mission of making higher education accessible and affordable for the people of North Guwahati and its neighboring areas. By providing quality education, skill-based education, and vocational training to the youth, the college aims to foster economic growth in the region. Besides enhancing its’ students chances at employability, the college works with a mission of inducing inclusive social growth, which entails aspects like making proper health care, women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability, and good governance achievable in North Guwahati and its adjacent areas. Not only does the college steer its students towards obtaining academic and professional degrees, but it also stresses the all-round development of students—physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual development.

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