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Central Library, North Gauhati College

The North Gauhati College Library is rapidly growing up to be one of the leading regional level academic libraries in the north bank of Brahmaputra. The library was established way back in 1962. There are separate reading rooms for students and teachers. The documents in the library are well arranged. The library is well equipped with a good number of text books, reference materials, xerox facilities, internet with fully open access facilities automated with the help of library oriented software SOUL 2.08 (software for university library) network version. All bibliographic details of books, journals and CDROM databases are accessible through the computer. It has a good number of journals (National and International) and magazines. Besides these, the different national and local newspapers (daily and weekly) are available to the user community. North Gauhati College library adequately caters to the needs of the students and teaching community. It offers an environment conducive to learning and for intellectual enquiry by providing user focused services to obtain and access scholarly information and knowledge. The library remains open from 10 am to 4 pm on all working days. It offers essential and specialized information, resources and services to meet the growing information needs.

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