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History of the department:
The history of the department dates back to the year 1969 when the subject was first introduced at the pre-university level. At the initial stage, after its establishment, it used to impart mathematics education at a pre-university level only to the students of the arts stream.

In 1971, the subject was introduced at the degree level. Late Gajendra Nath Kalita was the founder and Head of the Department who retired in February in the year 2000. Sri Kalita served the department as the only faculty member till the introduction of the Science stream in the college in the year 1979. Although the subject mathematics was introduced at the degree level in 1971 as a pass course, the department attained its full-fledged identity in the year 1991 when a major course was introduced in both arts and science stream.

After the introduction of the science stream, new teachers had been appointed to serve the department. But most of them had very brief stays. They are-

Dr. Nazibuddin Ahmed, who is now working as a Professor at Gauhati University
Sri Bakul Kr Mazumder, now bank officer of State Bank Of India.
Dr. Paramananda Deka, now working as a Professor at Dibrugarh University.

Currently, the department has three sanction posts. After the retirement of Dr. Kukil Kumar Baruah, Dr. Achyutananda Baruah has taken over the charge of the Head of the Department.


1. To impart undergraduate education in mathematics leading to B.A./B.Sc. degree under Gauhati University Prescribed syllabi.
2. To create an environment in the department so that the students can learn the subject in a homely atmosphere.
3. To make the students aware of the importance of the subject and to imbibe a certain degree of maturity so that the students get well trained and develop confidence in pursuing further study in the subject.


The department wants to work for excellence in mathematics education so that the students of mathematics of the college are highly benefited and brilliant students of the state, especially those from the (greater North Gauhati area) northern part of Kamrup district get attracted to the department.

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